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Framing Off Through Art

"There's nothing better than collaboration to get answers you're looking for" - Steve DeWitte, living with Parkinson’s since 2005

Framing Off Through Art

Welcome to "Live Well. Do Tell." – Framing OFF Through Art, where we are using the power of art to illustrate how OFF periods impact those living with Parkinson’s.

OFF periods, defined as the return of motor and non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms, can be hard to recognize, describe and talk about with your circle of care or healthcare professional. Click on a piece of art below to learn more about the person with Parkinson’s who inspired it, their circle of care and how the artwork depicts their personal experience with OFF periods. OFF periods may be difficult to identify and talk about because the symptoms can differ from person to person. This art series is intended to visualize the feelings others have associated with their OFF periods, which may help you better recognize your own OFF symptoms and discuss it with your care team.

Be sure to speak with your doctor about all your Parkinson’s symptoms.

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